Laden – From Longtime Lyrics

Mi tell the youth dem gwaan hold the faith
Yo know a soon your time fi shine
Wi naw waste no time, so wi working hard
Cause a money over war wi seh

A longtime mi a pree fi buss
So mi link wid the genius
An sun squad cal lad me

A from longtime, youth a rise an a buss
Take your time an adjust yea
Long, longtime, mi si diamonds a lust
Waan fi buy mama first

(Verse 1)
Jay wi living better off now
Dem si wi cari echo flock an euro craft now
A praises mi a give it coming from ma heart now
Member seh wi haffi meck it an wi seh wi naw bow
Yow this a no mi last sound
Big up everyone wa play mi tune across town
Big up every radio man an big up all sound
Archers a land an big house pon it weh wi waan own
Yow now wi buss an fly weh
Longtime wi on the bandage lote the must an tie weh
Member one time mi usto dress an tidy
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday still best pon Friday
G ma life change completely
Fans from all over the world a try come greet wi
An why some folks afto act so greedy
While am so hot in Alaska need mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Big Ship yeh absolutely
The whole achier dem no stop salute wi
Rocking the stage shows yeh that’s ma duties
Signing autograph, taking photograph with lots of groupies
Naw brandish guns fi meck cops come shoot mi
So mi a beg yuh lock weh the Macks an Woosy
The youths dem start brandish Lacas an Gucci
No more tun cornmeal a lobsters an sushi
Yea total happiness
A Jah gimmi the voice mi vocal haffi bless
Because yo know mi totally different from the rest
A who a run the place big ship yuh no haffi guess
Yow wi rated as the best
A no me seh so yo know it stated in a the press
Dem here time to shine yo know dem waiting on the rest
Wi a gwaan hold the faith an wi naw do nothing less

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)