Gully Bop Fiancée Shauna Chin Exposed, Says She Loves Him

Gully Bop fiancée Shauna Chin is getting some bad press for allegedly using the fast rising dancehall star for money and fame.

Since his rise to fame late last year, we hardly ever see Gully Bop in public without his wife to be Shauna Chin.

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But since going public with their relationship, Chin, 25, has been getting a lot of criticism that she is just using Bop for fame and money. An allegations that she has denied.

Sources close to the couple told Urban Islandz that folks around Gully Bop has been warning him about her alleged plot.

“People are talking and folks have been warning Country Man about this young girl because clearly she is using him for his new found fame and money,” the source told us.

Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcom, is 50 years old. Chin is 25, so clearly people are going to talk.

In her defense, Chin says she has grown to love Gully Bop and the age difference doesn’t matter to her.

“The age doesn’t matter. I have grown to love him and I was the one who proposed to him. He knows how to tick me off, then and now, but know exactly what to do to make me laugh. This has always been the type of love I wanted,” she said.

Chin also said she was the one who went in search of Gully Bop and brought him to the attention of the media where he get more exposure.

She said she is not bothered by the criticism, “I have been called a money-grabber and that I was just trying to get fame, but that’s not the case. I love him. We have both been through a lot so we blend well…it’s pure love.”

Gully Bop was recently dropped by record label Claims Records. But the dancehall star says he is being managed by Shauna Chin.