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Gully Bop Dropped By Record Label

Fast rising dancehall deejay Gully Bop is now without a label and a management.

Claims Records has announced that they have dropped the “Body Specialist” deejay from the label and cut all ties.

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A rep for the Claims Records says since he became famous, Gully Bop has been getting disrespectful to everyone at the label and his ego is getting the better of him.

“Claims Records done wid Gully Bop. We done wid everything,” the rep said. “Him a diss everybody whe start him ting. Him a diss the people from the community. Right now Grant’s Pen nuh inna him. Him dis Boom Boom and Kibaki and a diss everybody.”

The label’s reps says Gully Bop, ala Country Man, has also been reluctant to voice songs for other producers and radio disc jockeys.

“When we ask him to do some dubs and jingles fi the radio selectors, him say a nuh dem buss him so him nah do it,” the rep added. “It’s like we have to be forcing him to do things and that is giving Claims Records a bad name with these selectors. If a nuh money, him nah dweet. We were trying to steer his career to keep him afloat but him nuh want hear dat. We asked him to voice for DJ Sunshine and not even dat him did waan fi do. Him say a YouTube buss him so him nuh need no selector.”

The label’s representative says the final straw was when Gully Bop refused to perform on a show that he was booked for on Monday night.

Bop is fresh off a well received performance at Sting 2014, so perhaps he is feeling a bit hype.


  1. I respect bop and any underdog artist, but him need fi understand in the business you have to give ya cant sell everything. How much ppl owe sizza, capleton and dem big artist money. Cant be arrogant from birth, build yaself as an artist and then ya can be like supercat and some of dem artist who dont voice dubz for djs or pick and choose who dem want to voice um for. Dont mekk ya team cause you to fall before you rise to the top.

  2. He might be acting a bit hype/dissing, but who doesn’t in the dancehall industry. It’s not new. No one thought he would have tore down String like he did. I find it funny how they now bad mouth him because he now knows what he’s worth and you can no longer exploit him with the free free stuff while their company makes a profit. Also there are so many envious artist(s) out there who are pulling strings to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

  3. U guys gas his head up so bad. dwl

  4. They think he is a clown .

  5. dwl eeh? a truth dem a talk gully bop?