Chan Dizzy – Bredrin Girl Lyrics

Some bwoy hear soft to gyal
Wi done seet nuff a dem no artical
All when mi friend gyal a seh shi want mi bad
Mi seh no, no

What kind a friend mi would a be if mi go do that
Drop a jail mi could a never look the mumma name
F–k mi friend girl even if mi could of
Mi real, real dawg mi nah do that yeah

My girl mi know yo gorgeous and everything
Sexy and everything
But you a mi bredrin girl
You nah stop call mi and everything
A stress mi and everything
But you a mi bredrin girl
Jah know seh mi nah do da supn deh
Cyaa do da supn deh
If you was mine from my heart mi would a love you yeah

Mi nah do da supn deh
Cyaa do da supn deh
Even though it harrd fi mi run you weh

(Verse 1)
If a that yo waan wi not gonna be friends
So stop text and send one bag a DM
Unfollow you so unfollow me then
Loyal to mi friend mi pledge mi God am a legen

Wi no need fi meck no private link
You a seh you waan fi try this thing
Cyaa diss mi friend because mi heart cleaner than soem Irish spring
So before yo seh another word

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You a snap phone and a send picture
Consi seh fi tell yo seh fi watch yo temperature
Back stabbers mi no one a dem ni–ers
Want to f–k dem friend wife
Yo coming like a friend killer
Mi nah go lie and gwaan like mi never pree yet
But a how mi get gyal it a the easiest
Better if you low mi please left

(Repeat Chorus)