Chan Dizzy – Bad People Lyrics

Fi tek dis from bwoy wi no grow so
Wi rise tall up fi knocking no pose up
A no kick and box this a no dojo
Wi no set fi left coco

Hey seh bad people no fear no bwoy hi no
And mi no left mine any which path mi go
No konfue thing this a no karate show
People cry when mi march the army yow

Bad people no fear no bwoy a road
Wi naw step unless a mi and mi dawg a roll
Mi have every type short and taller board
So the sound a no talk alone

(Verse 1)
Is a good thing seh mi no follow weh fool seh
Fi tek tough chat mi no one a dem youth deh
Couple knuckles ever deh, deh, whenever di groose dem
So mi no si no obstacle weh mi cyaa move weh
Eye fi an eye that a weh mi embrace
Quenta lag up in a some body membrane
No bag a chat a badness a follow that
Any weh yo diss man pick up yo body said place

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hard you wi fall when the tall thing appear
Mi no fraud and mi cyaa si no bwoy fi mi fear
People tek when foot put the car in a gear
After that lone gathering fall in a tears
Creature ugly but wi gage it sink
Wi no go stone that a grade six thing
Although mi seh life a the greatest thing
Mi act up and sicker than a Aids victim

(Repeat Chorus)