Chi Ching Ching & Bastic – Lovely Day Lyrics

If you love the day
Sun comes up and now it’s time to play
But it’s ok, it’s a lovely day
Ladies out and they come out to rave
But it’s ok, it’s an holiday
Lovely day, holiday
Lovely day

(Verse 1)
Shi call her man fi forward
And shi seh him no forward
Shi call mi and mi seh mi a forward
Mi no haffi bwal fi forward or call fi forward
From mi reach a the dance a bare forward
Airport block up, holiday foreigner fly in
Beach party gyal in bikini skin clean
Paparazzi on the beach am the instagram king
Just a raving thing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The place nice
Everybody gwaan hold a vibes
Smirnoff green wid the cranberry and the ice
Wi nice, girls and money a wi choice
Straight jeans pocket swell like a rice
Mi links dem straight, mi thing dem straight
Mi chain dem straight, nothing nah shake
Every wehre wi go a wi the gyal dem a rate
The whole world not just 52 state

(Repeat Chorus)