Busy Signal – Trust Them Lyrics

Am not sure anymore
Who is knocking at my door

Am not sure anymore
Who is knocking at my door

Badmind, no trust them
Evil, no trust them
Dutty heart, no trust them
People, no trust them
Pagan, no trust them
Devil, no trust them
Member the bible a tell yo seh no trust them

Lire, no trust them
Theft, no trust them
Ginal, no trust them
Bleach, no trust them
All false profit weh a preach, no trust them
Member bible seh no trust them

(Verse 1)
Dem waan yo bwal
Dem waan yo bwal
Dem waan yo pop down when yo standing tall
Dem waan yo skull fi fly
Then yo mother fi cry
Dem no waan yo so call limit is the sky
So from Kane kill Able mi no trust mankind
No walk left things weh mi a buss long time
Mi no spar wid people cause dem so unkind
No even trust friend wid quest online

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cause the way yuh a rise some waan yuh fi stop
No waan yuh elevate to the top
Caw some no waan yuh fi strive
Dem waan yuh fi back down get lock down by the cops
Hey one bad apple mean one bad seed
No share spliff, dem wi season yo weed
Conflict a interest caw dem never waan yuh tek the lead

(Repeat Chorus 2X)