Tommy Lee Sparta – Bad Man Dawg (Alkaline & Gage Diss) Lyrics

All dem a talk mi nuh hear dem a yap
Four corner wi have badness lock
Suh if yo waan beef find patty shop
Mi wi step pon yo block, in a block, wid a glock

(Verse 1)
Meck mi tell yo this bad man dawg
Gyal war wi nuh fight that
Some bwoy a get stink and bright
Educated dead rat
How you fi dis world boss you a mad man
You wi get buff baff
Come a pose in a one bag a fake gold chain
Like seh yo bone cyaa rot

(Verse 2)
All you talk weh yo waan seh
A gyal alone can touch mi
Me could never name walking gun
Caw no man at all cyaa buss mi
Mi nuh rate Foota Hype dawg
Mi worst nuh rate Bounty
But only two fish in a the business dawg
A mage and Patty bwoy Bartly

(Repeat Chorus 2X)


  1. big up sparta

  2. *Mi weh step pon yah block, inna black, wid a glock

    only thing i seen wrong, big up for da lyrics bredda

    1st comment bad ting 🙂