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Kiprich – Money Mek Yuh Bad (Blak Ryno Diss) [New Music]

Dancehall star Kiprich drop a new single aiming at Black Ryno “Money Mek Yuh Bad,” off the War Operations Riddim, produced by Armzhouse Records.

A true some bowy a bate
naw go meck nuh move if you buck dem up one a way
Naw strap up nuh steel
A dem mind have dem a way
Life a nuh money
Papers meck you a beat off come
Suh when your money done, your badness done

Bout badness a supn weh yo born wid
Call yo self anything yo waan call it
Respect nuh sell in a supermarket
Chatting a nuh it you wi turn in a loose target

Listen track below.

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