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Macklemore, Diddy, Rihanna, August Alsina Among Celebrities React To Mike Brown Ruling

The grand jury in the Mike Brown case reached a shocking verdict on Monday afternoon to not indict police officer Darren Wilson.

The decision caused a huge uproar in Ferguson, Missouri and other major cities across the US. Several celebrities also came spoke out about the verdict including rappers Macklemore, Diddy, and singer August Alsina.

Macklemore was spotted with a group of protesters in his hometown on Monday night chanting “Don’t shoot! Hands up!”

August Alsina was performing in San Jose last night on Usher’s tour where he fought back tears and held a brief moment of silence for Mike Brown.

#MikeBrown ????

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????#MikeBrown another brother who didn't #MakeItHome

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Rihanna also posted this photo on her Instagram account.


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Beyonce posted a quote on her Instagram with a statement from Mike Brown’s family.

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Hip hop mogul Diddy posted a photo of Mike Brown on his Instagram page with the caption, “What did he do to deserve to DIE? #MikeBrown.”

What did he do to deserve to DIE? #MikeBrown

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#boycott … follow the breadcrumbs , hit them where it hurts , who makes the rules? who passes the laws? who owns the banks ? who owns the news ? who pays the judges salary ? Ask questions and don't stop asking questions! #wakeup

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Several celebrities also weigh in on Twitter including Pharrell Williams.


  1. no one deserves to be killed.Mike brown’s actions prior to his killing shows his aggressive tendency which was used against him. this young man was on the wrong path all together and African Americans talk the talk but please walk the walk.When 93% of African american murders are black on black crime and 75% of crimes in New York are committed by blacks, we really need to check our selves.For race with as much talented and gifted individuals we embrace violence and flashy nonsense….. Grow up and wake up and read, don’t jump on each bandwagon…..

    • Let’s walk the walk together down an unfamiliar path.

      Absolutely! 93 percent of the time Blacks kill Blacks, much like 82% of the time whites kill whites, Murder being an intraracial crime is nothing new. Blacks kill Blacks, whites kill whites, Asians kill Asians…why this would surprise anyone is a complete mystery to me.

      In 2013 there were 52384 violent crimes committed in New York City. Same year the Black population stood at 2,101,459. For this exercise I’m going to say that Blacks committed every single f#cking violent act on a one-crime-to-one-perp basis. That means 52384 violent crimes committed by 52384 Blacks. What you end up with is 2.5% of the Black population committed all the violent crime in NYC during 2013.
      *Please note that the actual number is at least 25% less.*
      Question; who else is held to those standards? What other population demographic do you know who is judged by a mere 2.5%, or less?? It doesn’t happen! No other but the Black demographic is judged on such paltry numbers.

      You saying that Blacks commit 75% of the crime in NYC is playing into the white supremacist narrative. Next time you see such BS in print, open your eyes, wake up and remember they’re talking about Black criminals and not the entire Black population FFS. When you say chit like, “… 75% of crimes in New York are committed by blacks, we really need to check our selves.” You’re including every Black man, woman and child regardless of age or propensity for crime.

      Consider yourself checked.

      • You know Zig, this generalization of white people annoys the heck out of me. How do we know for certain that Mr. Wilson is in fact a white supremacist? Why do we automatically assume that he is one? Is it out of the realm of possibility that although he passed his racial sensitivity training he couldn’t apply it when confronted?!

        And the fact that white supremacist are rallying behind him and raising money for him doesn’t mean that he himself is one. Racist or not he can’t help who stands behind him.I know the people reading will assume that I’m 1.a coon, 2.a person who doesn’t identify as black etc. I’ll be damned if any of my friends are lumped together with these fools by people who don’t know care enough to know the difference.

      • You’re really going hard for a punk.

      • I have a feeling that Garc is an immigrant like myself, not to mention he actually lives in America and is able to put his race aside.The white man isn’t part of a culture that advocates violence, the shielding of criminals along with this no snitching bs mentality. Where white lawman comes around trying to establish law and order he’ll witness the prevision of justice. Where black lawman comes around he’ll experience some form of ridicule for doing his job. If a crime is committed in America white Americans are more likely to report it.

        I wonder if A.A know that regardless if they cooperate or not being a witness is motive enough to get them wacked.

        Their dysfunctional behavior and lack of respect for authority begins within their household.Time and time again I’ve witness A.A. escalate minor everyday situations and the target of their abuse tend to be white people. You’re here enabling a group of people who are part of a culture you know nothing about. dwl

  2. Wilson may have escaped local authorities, but I highly doubt the same travesty of justice will be seen once the federal investigation is completed.
    I’ve noticed the racists in America have rallied around Darren Wilson and have given this murdering cop hero status. It’s a sad commentary on American culture knowing Darren “I’m afraid of Black people” Wilson is a hero to white America.

    • Your last statement worries me and I know you’ll have a lot of people believing that ALL white people are racist! You honestly think a white person racist or not would be able to tell the difference between a black male criminal vs a black male who isn’t one? How could when he sees them contributing to most of the crime in America.

      • (SMFH)

        Blacks commit the most crime…that’s a lie!
        Can I bring your attention to Table 43 of the UCR “Arrests by Race, 2012”?

        On it you will see that of the 9.3 million arrests for 2012, 69.3% were white, 28.1% were Black. I was always taught that 69 is a much bigger number than 28. It seems to me that you’ve been listening to those white men who fear us Black men. You know they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about Blacks and crime!

      • What are you doing up? dwl

      • Just got back from driving the girl home. Was going to go to bed, but I decided to make a tea first. Then I discovered I left my computer on all this time. Saw your reply and I had to give it a proper response.

      • So…who commits the most crime in America??

      • Serial killers don’t count and generally speaking one year doesn’t count too. The white population in America outnumber the black population so when a crime is committed by a white person it is never seen the same way.

      • Nope! I never said anything about serial killers, of which some are Black. What I’m talking about is the sheer amount of crimes committed by whites. The racist argument will break down those numbers into per-capita amounts i.e. “X/100,000 people.’
        In some crime categories Blacks are over-represented, no doubt. I get perturbed by their notion that all Blacks are criminals while whites are out committing the lion’s share of crime.
        Take a look at the drug business for one minute…starting from the street-level going up the food chain you will find it gets whiter the higher you go. Our perception of crime in America is molded by mainstream media and nothing else.

      • They see crime in the A.A. community as an ongoing problem.

      • Crime all throughout America is an ongoing problem, not just in the Black communities. It’s the MSM that has you thinking crime only affects Black folks.

        America is known as the World’s jailer. They lock people up just for the f#ck of it. Ask yourself why a woman like Marisa Alexander was looking at 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot while Zimmerman got to walk free for murdering Trayvon?

      • Why do people keep saying that George Zimmerman is a white man?! He look Latino to me and I never said the system was perfect. As a matter of fact, Marissa Alexander went to her car and grab a gun then proceeded to confront her husband she wasn’t in immediate danger.

      • Latinos/hispanics can be of any color. Zoe Saldana and Cameron Diaz are both Hispanic…neither one can be mistaken for anything other than a Black woman and a white woman.

        Marisa, an abused, woman didn’t kill anyone, Zimmerman did. Why the disparity in the outcomes of their trials? I know for a fact that more women will die at the hands of their spouses than rotund white men at the hands of 17-year old Black kids. Marisa had more reason to fear for her life than that wannabe cop did.

      • I haven’t been following Marissa Alexander case. What usually happens if someone wants to use the battered wife syndrome defense there has to be police reports etc. Now if she retrieved a gun and returned to the scene then her life wasn’t in immediate threat is usually how they would look at it. I’ve been mainly following ISIS.

      • I’ve never met a bi racial man who wanted to be more black than white before.:)

      • Dafuq is that supposed to mean?! Who is bi-racial??

      • Wait….you’re not mixed?

      • Hell no!

      • What made you believe I was in the same boat as Drake, and Obama?

      • I thought you said something to that effect. dwl Why didn’t you tell me this earlier when I said that you were a “hybrid?” dwl

      • You thought wrong, girl. Plus, I didn’t see how that would even matter in this medium. If I do remember correctly, I posed a question asking you which of the two, (Mariah Carey, or Obama) were more Black since they both had white mothers. You never did answer that question, did ya?

      • I did I told you Mariah Carey dad was actually Latino. I just meant a biracial person telling someone they shouldn’t be doing things to remove their blackness it doesn’t come across well to me. dwl

      • I see!?!?
        Do you see that chit doesn’t apply in my case since my parents are both Black as are their parents?

        ??? ????l pu? ?? ??ol ???o? ? ????l ?u???n? oo? dn ?,?

      • Good nite dude 🙂

      • That Latino designation doesn’t mean much to me. I read today about a legendary Latino whose health is failing. I can’t imagine anyone mistaking Pelé for anything else but a black man. You do know that Charlie Sheen aka Carlos Irwin Estévez could never be mistaken for anything other than a white guy?

      • Charlie Sheen’s people were from Spain.Need I say more? Here’s the thing Zig, I don’t identify anyone nor do I care what anyone identify themselves as. Now for a person who isn’t Caribbean looking at Pele, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Zoe Saldana etc they’ll classify them under that black umbrella. dwl Some of them never had to identify themselves as black while in their country. So why the need for it now? People always respond using this tired excuse about when the (racist) white man comes to town…

      • nice comments Ziggyzazag. i enjoy reading these

      • Zig with a bird’s eye view of this issue is feeding you information that you “want” to hear. Do you have any evidence that Mr Wilson moonlights as a white supremacist? I mean other than your inherited biased assumptions.So now any white person fearful of minorities must by default function as a white supremacist? Do you have a clue about African American culture?

  3. kartel said it best, sup’n ago happen

    • Dafuq you talking about fartel for??! He has nothing to do with anything of this. Your hero fartel murdered a Black man, the above article speaks of a Black man who was himself a murder victim. Are you able to make the distinction between a murderer and a victim of homicide?

      ¡????q ‘?ssnd ?no? u? ????? no? ??n?