Mavado – Kite Style Lyrics

A kite style
When the dawgs dem out
The bomber clear the way
A wa dem a talk bout

A kite style
Delavaga wild out
Wi bad, dem bwoy deh bad out

(Verse 1)
You si this yah one yah buss like a bagie
Wi dash weh dollar coins wi no save hi
Darky and blak when Spanish Town out
Dis we fassy hole mussi crazy

No spar wid bwoy weh act like no lady
When yo si mi chigger finger no lazy
Mi link stretch like a octopus
The glock mi buss a roaring lion yo hear hi

Dem a seh dem a go dis wi when the time
When dem si yo dem a act like dem legally blind
Dem love chat up wi squeeze dollar coin
Biss the rife hole turn the place in a mine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Meck mi tell yo, yo no save
Yo could a in a NCB save
Yo dis crow
Paper soldier a guard him place
A kite style, bwoy marrow walk in space
The mack wid the proof deh suh never guard him face
And the middle a the town is a brawling place
Pop off a mi waist him bwal in chase
Wi nuh care Portmore
Meck the history wid the 4×4
DO it and get weh
Meck the mystery
Dem bwoy deh couldn’t dis mi
Hi risky

(Repeat Chorus)