Tyga Canceled Appearance After Club Snub Kylie Jenner

Tyga is boycotting Greystone Manor because the nightclub refused to let his underage girlfriend Kylie Jenner in.

The Young Money rapper was scheduled to make an appearance at the club on Sunday but pulled the plugged because management decided that they cannot accommodate Kylie Jenner, who is 17 years old.

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The law states that you have to be 21 and over to enter the club. That didn’t go down so well with Tyga.

Sources told TMZ that the incident angered a lot of sponsors but the club is trying to negotiate with the rapper for another date.

Tyga playing with fire.



  1. so they are in fact dating now? wowwwww. if I was her I would be scared of black chyna… and ashamed to be coming inbetween a family with a child. little white girl.

    • Are you really saying that single people without kids shouldn’t consider dating people who are parents even though that relationship has long ended?

      What happens if they had a toxic relationship? What happens if neither of them wants to rekindle the relationship? What happens if she’s the only one wanting to rekindle the relationship? Does this unwritten rule still applies even in death? dwl You sound very delusional.

      And had my mom been thinking this way she’d still be waiting after 25 years.dwl

      • it didn’t long end as far as I know they ended then he instantly started dating her ex best friends little sister like wtf…. and shes underage and then hes taking pics in bed with chyna then going back and forth.. I just cant with these sick relationships. if they had a toxic relationship then by all means but in my opinion give it some time before u jump in so quick… they don’t even mourn their lost “loves” like chyna clearly not over it. she feels scorned. and what do u mean by that, ur mom would have been waiting, in what sense please explain

      • I thought you meant in general that people who aren’t parents shouldn’t date single parents because they might get back together.(the parents of the child) Her parents are mainly to blame for allowing her the freedom to trail behind him. As a matter of fact, in some states they would’ve been able to wed. It sounds like we care more about how inappropriate their relationship is than her own parents.

        Whenever a relationship ends the mourning process takes place mainly on the female plane. She’s not over it and she allowed him to sleep with her. I just meant as it pertains to my mother that she realized that you can’t force a man to be with you.

      • awwww that’s so sad, good thing she moved on. because im in similar situation and I feel like im gonna be waiting 25 yrs lol I am little bit delusional

      • That might not be your reality. But how long after a relationship ends are you allowed to date? As a matter of fact, doesn’t the timing varies depending on the person?

      • I dono but right away is too fast for mme