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LHHATAL Fired Benzino Over Death Threats To Stevie J

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fired Benzino over some alleged death threats, at least that is what Stevie J is saying.

Last month the reality TV show gave Benzino and his fiance Althea Eaten the boot shocking everyone.

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But Stevie J told TMZ that Benzino got fired from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta because he threatened his and his fiance Joseline Hernandez lives over the reunion brawl.

“He said flat out he was going to kill us,” Stevie said.

You would remember earlier this year Joseline went through a rampage on set fighting everyone and beating up Althea.

But Benzino is denying the claims saying VH1 never gave him a reason why they fired him from the show.

Benzino and Stevie J

“Stevie J is a habitual liar and VH1 has never given me a reason for being fired,” Zino said.

Benzino says he and his fiance were used as scapegoats because Stevie and Joseline bring more drama to the show.

After being fired from Love and Hip Hop, Benzino sound off on Twitter accusing the producers of being biased.

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  1. That`s right, fire zino n thea thea for bein attacked by stevis beavis and his troglodyte! That`shows how screwed up situations can become. Hogjoss ran through the reunion like a bore hog, tryin to attack and kill everyone in tusk sight, lol. She wasn`t near as tough as she thought she was though. All them galz fought that amazon woman back, lol. Stevis and his queen hoe definitely bring the drama! Why keep those two cracked out skanks regardless of the drama; she got a dangerous piece of a mind; stevis has lost his mind. BRING BACK ZINO EL STUPIDO`Z!!!