Diplo And Lorde Twitter Beef Over Taylor Swift Ass-ets

Diplo is feeling some type of way about Taylor Swift ass-ets or lack thereof. But what he did next quickly became a nightmare for the producer.

Last week the Major Lazer artist started a campaign on Twitter to buy Taylor swift a new booty.

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“Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty,” he wrote on Twitter on November 12.

The topic quickly started trending and someone went as far as creating a kick starter campaign to but Taylor Swift a new booty.

But Swift did not respond, instead her close friend Lorde did and she did hit Diplo way below the waist, literally.

“@diplo should we do something about your tiny pe**s while we’re at it hm,” she wrote on Twitter.

But what made Diplo called out Taylor Swift like that?

Diplo is dating Katy Perry who has been having beef with Taylor Swift. They hate each other.

So perhaps Dippy is feeling some type of way about the pop star not like his boo.

Yes he is still trolling Swift on Twitter.


  1. defen yuh fren!

  2. diplo a go haad!! all a shell weh har fans dem! dwl, but if taylor ever got a booty, she wouldnt be the same innocent lil swift, she would be turned out and wilder

  3. lmao, swift boat veterans.

    I’ll never forget that group. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a nasty little 527 campaign that practically buried John Kerry’s chances for Presidency in 2004.