Demarco – Wine An Brace Lyrics

Shi a wine an go low
Shi broad out anywhere shi go
Gyal wine up like a yoyo

(Verse 1)
Mi love freaky gyal wid confidence
Shi lead dem from a mile Donkey lence
If shi inna the ghetto shi a fling it up pon the fence
Dash it over deh so yeh flick it up pon the fence
Yea, yea, watch are a broad out
Da gyal yah go all out
Shi wining carve out
Yeh cyaa fool mi mi know wah mi a talk bout
Every style every position sort out

That’s why mi love when yo wine an brace
Meck up yo pretty cute face
Mine yo trip bend down tie yo shoes lace
Tom Tavaris dem pon yo case
Badman no drink bag juic epon base
Go fi that billies wine gyal waist
Wi never fail inna real gyallis place
Stiff c–Ky deh yah fi box gyal face

(Verse 2)
Baby love when yo freaky
Seh mi all a picture all yo pu–y pon BB
Yo stiff breast dem no stop from tease me
Sexy wid yo tongue winiest believe me
When yo wine up get crazy
Gallan bad pon the co–y yuh no lazy
Yuh meck mi waan shout out baby

Shi naw hide are thing, shi a f mi anywhere
Shi have the five pack a wipes s*ck the co**y anywhere
Freaky gyal a dem deh gyal deh mi a seh
Any bwoy no waan no freaky gyal dem fi go weh
Gyal si mi wid mi gyal an waan take are weh
Mi seh no four pu**y jaw mi a seh
Come meck wi play truth all day
Meck wi f anyway
Mi hear the gyal ball out seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Verse 2)

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