Tommy Lee Take Shots At Alkaline, Says Its Just A Warning

Tommy Lee Sparta is taking aim fast rising dancehall deejay Alkaline. But According to the “Spartan Soldier” deejay, he is just issuing a warning to the young dancehall act.

Tommy Lee released a new single “Bad Like We” where he took a few shots at Alkaline over his infamous “batty wash” line in his single “Touch You.”

“Jamaica wi born wi no promote filet, no bother loose your meds true what the people them say, Alkaline mi know yo is a good deejay, please mi a beg yo fix them argument there,” Tommy Lee deejay.

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“Mi just a correct him, mi nah dis him. Mi a mek him know sey him fi fix up him argument,” Tommy Lee said.

“If mi wah dis him; mi wi dis him, mi nuh fraid fi duh dat. Mi just feel like di youth dem nuffi a hear dem thing deh … . A nuh nothing if yu sey yu a Uncle Demon, that is just a made-up character. But when yu a guh sey gyal fi lick out bottom a nastiness dat, and that is physical. How yu wudda feel fi see a likkle pickney a duh dat? Mi just a correct him … . I never said I didn’t want to be corrected when Bounty speak against Uncle Demon, because a di right thing him did a sey. It was the disrespect that came with his opinion that got me upset.”

Tommy Lee Sparta says he simply does not want the children to be hearing these lyrics in dancehall.

The Guzu Musiq head recently return home from a successful overseas tour. He is also currently working on his debut album The Rise of the Fall, due in November.