DMX Says “Reggae Lost Me Because Of Sean Paul”

DMX says he doesn’t listen to reggae/dancehall music anymore because of Sean Paul.

But is X just bitter over a snubbed he got from Sean Paul a decade ago. VLADTV posted video footage from a 2005 interview with DMX where he revealed why he don’t like reggae.

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“That might be around the same time when reggae lost me,” X said. “Music is music, I respect it as an art form and I respect the people who do it as talented arts, but I just don’t like the music that’s all.”

The New York rapper says the dancehall star and his people gave him the run around when he requested to remix the 2002 hit single “Gimme Di Light.”

Eventually Busta Rhymes was featured on the official remix for the track and that became a sore spot for DMX.

DMX featured Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas on his hit single “Top Shotter.” The rap icon says he thought he and SP had a relationship since the so he was surprised by the snub.

A rep for Sean Paul told Urban Islandz that the issue with DMX is old and has been settled years ago.

“Right now there is no issue with Paul and X, artists have their differences sometimes but at the end of the day these are two very talented artists,” the rep told us.

Watch the DMX interview below.


  1. thanks – and thankfully DMX no longer matters

  2. He need to leave SP and go take his Meds ASAP…

  3. X is an idiot! Did he really think Sean Paul was the ambassador of reggae?!

    Earl Simmons hold this L.