Popcaan – Nuh Ramp Lyrics

It use to be the world boss
Artiste haffi call fi him name anytime dem lost
Since lately Jamie
Every artiste a seh dem waan page mi

Youth talk if a forward yo waan
Talk if a forward yo waan
Call up mi name if yuh waan
Talk if a forward yo waan
If yuh a suffer mi wi buss yo paw mi granny pardner draw
Then used mi ratchet and buss out yo draw

(Verse 1)
Mi no play like Kevin Heart
Mi skull hotter than the fountain weh deh a back
When the pan tampson a park
No bother feel seh a Gyptian the singer that
Some bwoy bad when a sting time
Mi still bad when sting pass
Bwoy yo big and trapting and over weight
Zik meck yo thinking drizzling fast

Hey the bwoy dem a follow mi up
And all now dem cyaa calla mi up
Mi laugh when mi si dem a chat
Caw dem no bad like a riddim from Andrew Blacks
Mi no run from bwoy caw mi don’t do tracks
And mi clip dem taller than Bugle lax
Tell some fook Twins of Twins wi kill them wid ankle socks

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy just a play all stunt
Paw ER every friging month
Mi sigh Monga and a shell gas pump
Piece a big song kill him punk
Any lock down the world a no wid him tune
Dem no bad like Beenie when him drunk
And when mi seh mi a shell down the place don’t feel like a lobster or friging conch
If Gully Gaad seh mi a dweet mi a dweet
Junior Gong seh mi a dweet mi a dweet
And go ask Rodney Price when him go out a night time
A who lock the street
The whole place know seh mi rough concrete
Bwoy cyaa draw mi out a van seat
Yow squid head, when real hot skull a consume
A eat dem a eat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)