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NotNice Says Vybz Kartel & Alkaline Damage His Career

NotNice is one of the most talented producers in dancehall and if you doubt it take a look at some of Vybz Kartel’s biggest hit singles such as “Romping Shop” and you will get an idea.

Since his fallout with with the Gaza boss, Notnice has been working with other dancehall artists producing hits for the likes of Alkaline and I-Octane.

But his association with Vybz Kartel and the new controversial deejay Alkaline has not been so good for his career according to the producer.

“The same thing that happen with Vybz Kartel is happening with Alkaline. They believe that I just want to work with a particular act, but it’s not like that,” NotNice said. “I just work with who will work with me.”

NotNice says despite the quality of his production, it has been hard for him to work with some of the top current artists in dancehall.

Vybz Kartel and NotNice had a bitter fallout in 2011 when the incarcerated dancehall star sent men to confiscate the producer’s equipment.

But NotNice picked up the pieces since then and moved on.


  1. Nona di two damage yuh career,aal bout ‘misundastandin’

  2. Nobody works with you because you are dancehall bootlegger.

  3. Notnice, A yuh duty Ways And delay Wid People money mass Up yu career

  4. Vybz has been gone for almost 4 years together with alkaline these two are the most talked about and big acts in dancehall now and for the past two years and Notnice claims they damage his career. He really is not nice and ungrateful. I know him because of Vybz Kartel. If artists are not coming to him it means he is just not excellent enough for them and it maybe that his being around Vybz made it convenient for Vybz to use him. Just be thankful Not nice that You’ve had the opportunity to work with artists whose names will be in the History books of Dancehall and you might not even be remembered.