Jay Z & Kanye West Sued Over “Made In America” Song

Jay Z and Kanye West did not wrote their smash hit single “Made In America” if this new lawsuit has any truth to it.

A man name Joel Mac claimed that he was peddling his CDs outside the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, New York, a while back while Jay Z was in the studio recording his now platinum album “Watch The Throne.”

Coincidentally, Jay Z and Kanye West has rented out parts of the hotel to record some of the album. The final single also features Frank Ocean.

Mac claimed that one of his CDs was bought to the front of the hotel by a man name Mike Dean and before he knew his song “Made In America” was on Jay Z’s album.

By the way Mike Dean is named as a producer on “Watch The Throne.”

It is unclear how much money Joel Mac is suing Kanye West and Jay Z for.

Listen to both versions of the song below.