Chino Speak Out On Yendi Phillipps Child Support Court Case

Chino McGregor has stepped forward to address his pending legal battle with his ex-fiance Yendi Phillipps.

Last week news surfaced revealing court docs that the beauty queen filed in the Jamaican family court seeking JM$60,000 per month for child support from the dancehall star. She is also requesting a number of other financial support.

But Chino says he is as shocked as everyone else about the court docs. The “Pon Your Head” deejay says he wasn’t even allowed to see his daughter.

“It is unfortunate that when relationships fail the child is often used as a pawn, I won’t bash or give my opinions on the matter, I will only share facts. Firstly, and most importantly, I have not been able to see my daughter for almost five months,” Chino said.

“Calls and texts have gone unanswered; suitcases of toys and clothing have remained unopened because neither I nor my family have been able to gain access to my daughter,” Chino added. “Secondly, my attorneys have tried on numerous occasions to reach an amicable resolution to the matter, particularly my visiting rights, all of which have been declined by her.”

Chino also made it clear that he did not received any legal documents despite the news.

Yendi Phillips has also responded via her social media pages saying that her privacy was breached when the documents were leaked.

“It has come to my attention that without permission or consultation with me or my legal representatives private information was leaked…” Yendi wrote on Twitter.

She has since deleted those tweets.