Iyara – Real War Dis Lyrics

Crass Cris ANG dem a try dis
Yow lep put the raper bwoy name pon the duppy list
Caw is a sure duppy this
Just a cyt dem throat hi no

This a real war pu–y a no rumor
Everything a get sweep wid da broom yah
Mi a go help buss da iron balloon yah
Leng why yuh never send him likkle sooner
Mi a go berry Deva Bratt in a da tomb yah
Am a senior a wa do lilly junior
Come a rime like him head a gather water
Is a bullet a go s*ck up him medulla oblongata

(Verse 1)
Deva Bratt a dead before sting a hope him hear mi
Da bwoy deh naw go live fi rape another likkle baby
The Thompson wid the pan sem a go buss off him hand dem
The hand dem wah a take the baby dem out a the pram dem
Citizens a Portmore a watch him mi no wrong dem
Mi done tell the Westchester man dem
Orders the Clans dem seh if him touch the glock man dem
Rise up the shotty an slam dem
Pitch him an the bi–h name simera in a the dam dem
Meck alligator nam dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A real war mi fight raper bwoy mi no play play
And meck mi tell yuh this yuh cyaa live fi drape pay day
Cause a mi ratchet mi would a used meck yo duppy youth
Mi don’t even want the AK fi put yuh under bay clay
A next thing buss out him head Iyara
Mi hear mi name in a yo song but the hearty sound thirsty
The rhyme dem sound nursery
Dog listen how mi lyrics dem a pump
Like wah Munga do yo f face a stone love anniversary
Planiton thump yuh from Pluto to Mercury
Buss up yo big head an done the show father
Pow did feel hurt yuh si
The thing dem go level
Meck mi talk to Sponge Bob
Mi glad wi an every body know seh him mad
A old him brain old or a lyrics him no have
A lyrics him no have
Mi dis the bwoy in a mi song an the fool take Months fi answer back
So mi know a no gangster that
Deh studio every night a record one line an circle back
F–king head tough like turtle back

(Repeat Chorus)