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Shorty: “Vybz Kartel Told Me To Start A Label”

Vybz Kartel was smart enough to instruct his baby mother Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson to start a record label to house his music while he is serving time behind bars.

Johnson announced her new label Short Boss Muzik earlier this year while Vybz Kartel was getting ready to start his life sentence for murder.

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According to Shorty Johnson, Vybz Kartel was the one who gave her the idea to start the label.

Vybz Kartel was the one who gave me the idea and everything. I am a strong black woman and I love to try new things and have my own form of independence, so when he gave me the idea, I quickly bought into it,” she told the Observer.

Shorty Johnson

So far Johnson has released several new music from Vybz Kartel under the label and also his two sons who formed a group called PG13.

Vybz Kartel was convicted in March of this year for the brutal murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 35 years.


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      • So let me guess this straight its a female talkin like that. Disgusting…… and how this is so amusing to others…. what the f*k is the point of arguing with someone back and forth over the internet. Not like any onr of us are ever gonna see eachother in person. This is lame and corny.

      • Salena, its alot to read but it doesn’t make sense, at least when discussions were amongst us, it was about the actually topic of the article. I must say you 2 have the most sense on this!

      • Battle like Spartans? TF! you’re one to talk when all you do is get into it with these people. Why are you trying to front as if you don’t like that sh#t? Pssy hole benchwarmers Hen and Cloud will sit there as you go in Kartel but when your ras go in on Gaza Slim these bytches want to zero-in upvote bs bough Gaza Slim needs to face the executioner’s guillotine and go Oh Salena you gey problems.. because I spotted them and dug them out. TF! I said this same thing about them months ago.dwl

      • You should read all of what I wrote, salena. I’m trying to change my ways. I don’t see the need to descend into a profanity-laced tirade with you girls over nonsensical BS. People’s opinions of Gaza Slim, Shorty, Addi…should not be a reason to start a flame war over.

        My opinion of them will not change, and those who don’t like it can su– their thumbs while they cry themselves to sleep at night. I don’t care!
        Getting dragged into a flame war like the one in this comment section makes people forget the fact that Shorty is ugly as f#-k! That’s something I will not stand for!

      • You’re likely to sh#t on anything or anyone tied to Kartel. If you were really serious about changing your tune you would’ve said something positive and not reiterate the same bullsh#t! Now here you are complaining about the chain of events you set in motion…this was all your doing. These Gaza heads are slowly being infiltrated. dwl

      • not at all. theres really only one ‘gaza head’ here , dear. its obvious

      • Mean mean u.

      • No! I’m not going to change me for you! I don’t play that chit, salena. What I tried to change was the in-fighting, flaming, and derogatory responses from you, me, FM, and Cloud9. We should be able to disagree on topics without resorting to name calling and bringing into question each other’s Blackness. I see now that was an exercise in futility on my part.

        My best guess is girls like FM are not used to kind words. They welcome the hard slap but cringe at the warm caress. Like so many others they fall victim to the trap of taking kindness for a weakness. Very soon she will come to know the absolute folly of her ways.

        I had you pegged as a leader, but as soon as you smelled blood in the water, you joined the shiver of sharks like a follower and began attacking me. I honestly thought you had more smarts than that. Well…I can’t be right 100% of the time, now can I?

      • I was the first person attacking you! You were the one who instigated this conflict. Then when you see the chit hitting the fan you come back bough you vex that everybody forgot how ugly shorty is… like wtf?! The people engaging with you want a couf. I’d like them to convince me that if Kartel wasn’t Kartel they’d actually pay him any mind. I look like I was born yesterday?!

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        Absolutely, FM! I will keep it moving! I’m like a shark! If I stop moving I will drown!

        I must say this, tho…you have missed the goal, tripped yourself up, fell flat on your face, torn your little panties trying to flame me. Little do you know that I am impervious to fire. Especially when it comes from someone like you who couldn’t find a clue even if it burrowed itself deep in your cavernous rass!

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        Stop stalking and obbsessin kartel try gettn some p– y instead, wven if its canadian ;you sound like a miserable 48 yr old virgin,much like Campbell. To kill u is to waste a bullet.

      • “you always on here talkn like we posting s__t on ur personal page, you are not smart you are not witty or interesting.you lames dont get one ting your way, you turn on ur own mother lmao western wiggers and their habbits,”

        It is what it is, FM! If you don’t like it, stop visting this site. I will not ever cool out on fartel. You, or any of my detractors will not prevent one foul thing coming off my keyboard about fartel the Worl’Puss.

      • Stop visiting the site? Hahahahaha b–tch what kind of french foreign crack r u on? This ur website? Ppl come here for the article not ur useless repetitive comments wtf. Lol……….Did i address u first? No.Noone asked u to stop embarassin urself, i just let u know to miss me w that lame s–t.

      • “u got Addi on google alert?he had to f** ur girl or mother at some point for u to be so invested dwl otherwise , u just a lonely canadian troll.”

        Hahahahaha! There you are calling me a troll while trolling me! Okay! I’ll bite!

        I don’t have a girl! I have girls…plural! No single pum pum is going to lay claim to me! There will be no ring going on my finger, and I have no intention of putting a ring on any woman’s finger. I am the man! I rule! Most of all, I’m going to keep what’s mine.

        Speaking of lonely…dafuq are you posting in here on a Saturday night??! Waiting for a booty call that will never come, or what??

      • so he f((d all ur girlS then…please , u neva got laid in ur life, and if u did, u still acting like addi took all that from u. This hate will turn u into a full blown homo.
        Ur 28 and clubbing !?lmao what the…
        Booty call? U canadians r reallystuck in the 90s ,gad-m. . But yeh, I was home cookin ital dinner for my darlin, somtin u will neva kno bout with ur vile simpleminded self.
        Not nterested in ur long talkin take ur medz n go watch some porn or choke on some sunflower seeds…. Tame urself

      • Lmbfao Blaaadklaaaat A gaza gyal dis fi real lolll

      • “there is not a article on kartel on the internet i dont click on and dont see ur ugliness typin s*mack most of the time ur firstto comment.”

        That’s the story of my life, FM. I am the early bird who catches the worm. If your reflexes were as sharp and as quick as mine, you too might rank alongside me as the most prolific fartel hater in the history of the internet.

      • How long have u been in a first world? Internet seems to be a very serious thing to u

      • “your mother is ugly as f*k and so are you and both of you need to be stabbed and dropped.unlike you, we can have that done for free. :)”

        Sure you can FM. I live in Montreal. I’ll be at the Bell Center on Tuesday night! You will be able to recognize me because I’m the only Black guy wearing a Jean Béliveau autographed sweater. Take your best shot. You’ll only get one chance, FM!

      • “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

      • You want to sit on your high horse and talk about black people crab in a barrel and have the audacity to suggest that they continue attacking someone’s appearance?!If that sh#t isn’t the most crab in a barrel mentality I don’t know what is. Your ras ain’t even black.dwl

      • I see where you’re going with this. You’re about as transparent Cinderella’s glass slipper, salena.

        The horse I sit on is not high, neither is it low…it is and will remain at a level where I can see who my people are, where I come from, where I’m going, and not miss out on those important things in life.

        The crab in the bucket phenomenon is not analogous to attacking one’s appearance. It’s more akin to watching your brethren struggle while standing idly-by and not doing a damn thing about it.

        It is my opinion that the quintessential “crab in the barrel mentality” has manifested itself in the form of Vybz Kartel and Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson. These are two Black people who bleach their skin! What message are they sending to the African diaspora about Black skin and its apparent need to be bleached…white??

        The type of crab I aspire to be has one dark claw gripped firmly on the rim of the bucket while I reach down for the next dark claw…below me!

      • I never said the crab in the bucket mentality manifested itself solely as attacking someone’s appearance. You’re putting words in my mouth. I simply meant it was inconsequential mindless chatter.If you were really concerned about Jamaicans in JA you would be on The Observer with those intellectual Jamaicans speaking about important issues and wanting to see their country progress. Not here dismantling and lambasting Kartel’s fanclub.

        You’re a hybrid Zig. No one told you to pick a side. Your hybrid ass want to be more black than black people. Their bleaching issue is something you’ll never fathom. Go ask any of the dudes here if Alek Wek, Lupita Nyongo etc would be their first pick. Then report back to me!

      • Sorry, salena! I used to care about JA, but no more. That island paradise has become a Caribbean basket case much like Haiti. There’s a light skin minority ruling over the darker skin majority making things intolerable for those trying to survive, and or even trying to get ahead. Then you have f#cktards like fartel bleaching their dark skin to fit in with the ruling minority to lord over the darker ones. The chit is too ridiculous for even me to fathom!

        In order for me to exact change there I would have to begin with stopping any further development in and around Port Antonio. My sources tell me that Mr. Lee Chin would do me like fartel did lizard except he wouldn’t be sitting in no prison for 35 years.

        When I see a skin bleaching epidemic going on in a nation that is 92% Black, I see an endemic cultural problem which borders on retardation. I mean we’re like maybe 3% of the population in my country and none of us are looking to make our skin lighter. If Jamaica wishes to join the 21st century they must adhere to their motto. The way it is now, their motto should read; “Because of the light few, the dark will suffer.”

        Grace Jones!?? Dafuq any man my age want with a 68-year old anything??! Now…Alek and Lupita they are another story! If you throw in Danai Gurira and Oluchi Onweagba you would have no complaints from me ever!

        Hybrid this, salena! Who is more Black…Barak Obama whose mother is white, or Mariah Carey whose mother is also white?? Both had Black fathers…choose well.

      • So the bleaching epidemic was all it took? If you really want to know more about the bleaching epidemic in JA you should ask a Jcan. I want to know more about it but from a JA. I meant GJ in her youth.dwl
        Obama dad must’ve had some super gene. dwl Mariah Carey dad is actually Latino.

      • Ask a Jamaican here about the bleaching epidemic in their country. I don’t want them to feel a way.

      • b__tch address me if u have anyting so say, if you gonna pop sh__ on public comment section, u just might get it too

      • That’s exactly what I’m talkin’ about! You could have left out the first word in your reply. Calling her a derogatory name was uncalled for. I’m not saying you have to be nice…just civil. What’s wrong with being civil??!

      • civil towards animals? nah u can have that.civil would be her not sayin s_t that insults someone she claims she respects.

      • C’mon now, FM You know as well as I do that cloud9 is no animal.
        Like I’ve already alluded to…whatever chit she’s saying about Shorty, ain’t getting through to Shorty! Unless you think Shorty reads UI??!

      • okay then zig, give her 5 dollars she requires to sit down and take her off this d*mn thread. deal?

      • I’ll give you $50 if you say one nice thing to her!

      • pass

      • LOL! You do know that a day will come when you will no longer care what people have to say about fartel? Personally, I can’t wait until that day!

      • im sure u cant

      • I’m detecting a certain degree of sarcasm in your tone! I’m for real when I say I can’t wait. Know this about me…IDGAF about fartel. It’s his fans who I’m riling up! His fans seem to have so much stake in ‘the Worl Boss” persona that one misplaced word, or one negative thing said about him could be cause for war. I don’t wish to go to war with you over some entertainer, but I also don’t want to stop hating on fartel…for his fan’s sake.

      • you will never be able to disrespect and sh__t on who i love and have me be ok with it, im not sure what planet you canadians got that dumb habbit from but nah….. not how we do it down here or down there where they at. however, i am able to respect consistent opposition over two faced flip flop emotional bit_h boys n girls. its that type of co**sucker who set kartel up to begin with.

      • We here in Canada are living in the real world. Entertainers like fartel are celebrities…nothing more, nothing less! We love their music, but draw the line at loving them on a personal level. The love I have for my family and friends could never be related to those who don’t know me from a week-old package of minced meat! That’s how we roll up here in the Great White North!

        I hear what you’re saying about consistency, tho! I certainly won’t be changing my tune anytime soon.

        Stay strong, FM! Remember…you don’t have to be nasty in order to crush your enemies!

      • well you sure put tons of effort , time and belligerance into someone u claim is mere entertainer to you.
        keep in mind u never really know who u speakin with online too, so ur theory doesnt necessarily apply here.
        sure i dont *have* to be nasty, but how else would lil sl__t know what i really mean, after all she *was* here lookin for a pimp init
        ..enemies? where? bwaaaaaahahaha

      • I disagree, FM. Not much of an effort is put into hating fartel. One could almost say it is an effortless endeavor! I would have gone about my business long ago if it wasn’t for our conversation. It was a pleasure talking to you.
        Oh yeah…
        Ain’t that the truth, tho! You never really know who you are speaking to online. I could be he who just wired $2000 CDN to Jamaica to have fartel’s bloodclaaat stabbed the f#ck up!

        Ya neva kno!

      • exactly! you just might be that sucker that got scammed and robbed, thats wot im sayin.

      • Well, then…expect bodies to drop in the hot Jamaican sun. We play hard up here in Canaduh!

      • thats nothing new, they drop every day, esp canadian tourists , you kno they like to ‘play hard’ till they get dropped. *shrug*

      • White folks just ain’t built like us! It’s the heat that really gets them!

      • only the anglo saxons have that problem- the ones u worship and promoting all the time us southern euros grew up on sun. matter of fact my city is hotter than athens. but ur welcome to pay for kill, i am not hard to find in jamaica, i spent lot of my year there.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by promote and worship, FM!?! I’m not the religious type, and neither am I in politics. Contrary to what you believe, I would never harm a hair on your head.

        Thanks for the convo, FM. I so very much enjoyed it. Right now I have to go out in the cold Novemeber rain. Talk to you later!

      • “… its that type of co**sucker who set kartel up to begin with.”

        I know you’re more intelligent than that! C’mon! You don’t really believe this crim was set up, do ya??!

      • we dont ‘believe’ ‘feel’ or ‘think’, we KNOW.

      • and then what? we continue to go back and forth like we have been? wwoowww! so exciting! smh

      • not if you shut your tame a__s up and move on to your backpage where u belong with ur lame pics dwl

      • Lame pics? My flags are lame Ms gun man?

      • f*k ye they lame where did ur parents meet, detention center? dwl

      • You got it! They were visiting your momma :)

      • thats great it means they both dead. hope u join em soon :)

      • everything about u is lame b_ch. , from ur flags to ur half naked avatars while callin someone ugly lol,,,ur a broke lonely h*e lookin for love on urban islands lmao take ur nasty a__ to rehab , noones here to pay you for ur services , go drink p_s n eat s_ t for a buck like u used to

      • Half naked pic? U must be dumb and blind. Im sorry i dont have time for this anymore and im sure u do and will respond blah blah blah and feel some kind of accomplishment cuz ur gonna have the last word. If that makes you feel good im sooooooooo happy for u lolololol FM lame ass girl, wanting to be a man finds satisfaction in cussing on the internet hahahahhahah

      • yea lil smut take ur a__ back to rehab and good luck on that border u think u crossin dwl, bet u wont start popn s_ again. f__ outta here get yaself a pimp need to be kept in check, u untamed greasy racist animal

      • like i have been? so we can go back and forth forever? wooowww so exciting! smh

      • there you go again cryin noone noticed ur lame pic, thirsty one
        this is not a backpage youkno.

        when did i ever say anyting about you not being or being black u simpleminded lame ?i called you ugly based on ur attitude and sn*t you wrote, which automatically makes ur pic n everytin bout u ugly. u come here callin SHorty ugly then offering ur dumb__s picture to a cartoon character in an effort to gain some type of attention you clearly lack in real life dwl…oh, now u tell me how exactly did you decide i was a black male? racist? u sure ?? hahahahaha trini/ italian is race now? shaaaaaaaaaame….perfect example of free education/ healthcare crackbaby smh…
        get ya cognitive abilities checked lil h*e , prefferably in a first world . k?

      • Zig I know you ain’t talking… dwl. You don’t like seeing a cat-fight? I’m surprised that cloud actually came out of her mouse hole.dwl You know damn well that FM is about her business.roflmao
        *salena grabs some popcorn*

      • I’m tired of all the BS, salena! You have no idea how much this chit irks me! What’s wrong with us as a people that we can’t even get along in a comment section?! We’re better than this. I see proof of it each and every day in the real world. WTF happens to us when we get behind our computer screens is a f#ckin’ mystery to me.


      • You are nobody to call anyone ugly,shallow one . Esp mothers and wives of men of their caliber,broke5 dollar clouT nine .

      • let me get this right, you are upset with the fact that I said shes ugly and say I have no right, although Im going based on what I see, I dont know her personally, I love her husbands music and everything SHE is doing in his absence, I just find her very unattractive. you feel that im wrong but you feel that you can justify that by insulting as well… broke 5 dollar? im confused. Are you telling me your broke and need $5? if your in toronto, just tell me the corner your panhandling on, and I will give it to you :)

      • if you can decide who is ‘ugly’ based on what you ‘see’ than you should be smashing your 99c store windows daily. what do you gain by callin someone u claim u like ‘ugly’? lil self esteem? cuz ur only showin ur ugliness and stupidity, then again u are canadian so its expected from you. ur confused indeed, so keep ur 5dolla a** seated DOWN.

      • Its like calling someone a racist and then insulting them with racial remarks, doesnt make sense does it. I will take a seat because its very time consuming arguing with an under-developed individual. you can be left standing with your angry self. by the way, its people like you that keep me with a great job. social work is an amazing field. Have a good day!

      • no its not, u underdeveloped greaseball its not the same cuz you showed ur ugliness by poppin sh__ for no reason against someone u who claim u respect; see that makes YOU ugly , u EARNED ur ugliness…..so,you’re the only angry and ugly thirsty a** B__ here, insulting a mother of children of a man you claim you respect, go back to the zoo on all 4’s like youre supposed to, greasya** midget

      • awww your so sensitive! poor thing.

      • dont be mad , boxbody midget, keep punchin ur clock someone will eventually notice u.

      • oh so im guessing you know my height? lmaoooooo you really are crazy

      • eat a d, dutty sp*c

      • OMG the more you write the dumber you sound! SPIC????? thats not a Mexican flag you idiot. please go read a book. TRINI AND ITALIAN. Get it right FOOL

      • who said it was?! Leave mexicans out of it,u mad cuz they taller than u or wha?Ur a sp-c, and birthing someone dont make one a mother But u wuldnt kno that u must be single mother of few u sound like a broke back type. Go fix urself instead of hatin on Kartel wife,U waste, must be smokin crack talk bout cloud9 u need 9 on ya neck

      • “…cuz ur only showin ur ugliness and stupidity, then again u are canadian so its expected from you…”

        I can attest to the fact that many Black Canadian women are indeed beautiful as well as intelligent. Where are you getting your facts from?!!

      • her f**n attidude, and corny pics shes posting to get your attention dwl… and she isn’t black – which i never said she was, should or shouldnt be, she just doesnt process sh** at proper rate, zag. ‘trini’ ‘italian’ is not a gad**m race, start with that k?

      • Hold on, FM…hold on a gat damn minute!!! She got my attention when she used to cuss me out a few months back. To be fair, I gave as good as I got. IOW’s she doesn’t have to post a freakin’ pic to get me to take notice. As you can see things have changed. I have changed. I have no desire to continue warring with either of you.

        I think what started this whole ball rolling is when I stated she most probably looks better than that Shorty creature. Cloud9 said she was having trouble posting her pic. I told her I would take her at her word and she didn’t have to do that. She posted her pic anyways and then you began to chew into her causing WWIII to break out in UI.

        I know I’m opening up myself to ridicule for saying this because of what I’ve posted about fartel, but I grow tired of this crab in the barrel mentality we Black people take part in. Some may call me hypocritical, I don’t care. It’s not like fartel is running for public office and I’m tearing him down every chance I get…fartel is a prisoner/convicted murderer who sits at the very bottom of the proverbial barrel.
        You two, OTOH are probably good people with good lives who do not deserve to be treated in a disrespectful manner. I just wish you two would realize that.

      • ok zag , i called the b__ out cuz she talkn sm__k bout someone she claims she respects. why i said it to her and not u? cuz u always dissed kartel so i expect it from u. …or u sayin i can call ur wife or mother nasty h_e and that doesnt take away from respecting u? really? thats worse than hating u consisently. two face s_t…. well maybe in canada , not down here or real world. its ugly. i dont care if she tryna sell herself here thats her bizz, but dont diss ppl u claim u respect like some weasel .
        so she dont wanna be called out she needs to stay in her place thats all

      • Awwww, girl! Look at us! We’re arguing over people who don’t know jack-chit about us, and neither do they care to know! Who the f#ck is kartel anyways?! He’s just another entertainer! What should it matter to any of us what other people think or say about an entertainer?
        The way I see it, and you could correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that you and I have had more dealings with each other than either of us has had with kartel. So, if you were to call my wife, or mother a nasty name I wouldn’t like it one bit. The convict kartel on the other hand…why give two chits what people call him or his Shorty??!

        The real world is not ugly, FM. It’s really rather beautiful once you’ve eliminated hatred, animus and the urge to break people’s faces with your fist who don’t agree with you!

      • why you teachin me about the world lmao im sure i seen more of it then u did, also i admire life and beauty of it daily, its why its so necessary to kill off the toxic sh__t out of it. cut off di cancer, common sense .

        so if i called ur wife nasty s__t while im tellin u we cool, u woudnt like it one bit, so how can u not understand when i say its low and two faced for someone who di__rding kartel for a year suddenly does it? again, YOU i expect to call her names cuz u stand in oppostion, but these h*es even spent year goin back n forth with u,really, you should be the one tellin em to get off ur nuts*c but hey maybe u ilke it so ….keep em. ciao

    • Omg – that`s the same thing I was thinking – for a black woman she aged fast and ugly – but then again if you have a husband who f–ks every singel woman he lay`s his eye`s on then yes it will drain the life out of you – but then again it was and is her choice for staying – she nah let go……