Rick Ross Dramatic Weight Loss Will Shock You

Rick Ross is at the slimmest he has ever been since becoming a rap boss and perhaps his entire adult life.

The Maybach Music Group chief has been busy working out in his RossFit, his version of the hugely popular CrossFit training program.

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Rick Ross has reportedly lost over a 100 pounds working out and dieting. Ross posted these photos on his Instagram yesterday shocking his fans, who commented saying they never even recognized him.

Rick Ross dramatic weight loss

Remember this is what Rick Ross is coming from.

Rick Ross is gearing up to release his new album Hood Billionaire on November 24. The project will feature project Pat, R. Kelly, and Jay Z.

This is what a skinnier Ricky Rozay look like now.

Rick Ross slim photo



  1. Is anyone else having problems with urban islandz?

  2. With all the money he has he should get his boobs remove


  4. ross cant evenm stand up now he’s lost all that wight so quickly

  5. Well done he lost the weight but him gross same way!

  6. Good for Ross, nothing like investing in your health, that is the best investment after GOD.

  7. Diet or die! I guess his doctor gave him that message!!
    One other thing…why do grown men dress like boys?! WTF is up with that??!

    • Cuz they have millions of dollars and own buisnesses and dont have to answer to a EOE manager half their age, unlike you.

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        Can I just add that your spelling has improved greatly since the last time we corresponded? It’s good to see that you have made so much progress in that regard.

      • Hes still rockin designer $400 jeans and hats, actually about to put new ones out soon, maybe even day of his release .

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        When you speak of release are you talking about when your man gets out of prison??!


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        When can I expect to see you here??

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        speaking of which, yall way too liberal too.

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      • I’d like to give that the proper response that it deserves, but I’m off to the gym now. Nice talking to you, tho! I really do like these talks of ours. So much to say, and so little time to do it in…talk to you later. Take care!

      • sure, cuss mi later

      • You spelled “smash” wrong!

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