Demarco – Stick A Bet Lyrics

No gyal no too pretty fi mi
Wine up yo body pon the d–ky fi mi

Yo waan stick a bet
Any gyal mi waan mi can get
Gyal a fif and a the super star weh pop slet
Straight gyallis to the ting a wi own the concept
Girls love wi to death
And wi no si no hands yet

A no nothing fi draw fi one preps
123 so dem gyal yah undress
Tell dem a bun up finger man rep
Meck mi tell unuh the rep

(Verse 1)
When wi step out wi clean
Every gyal a try fi run in
Watch how wi lock down the scheme
Tell Martin Luther wi fulfill the dream
The girls dem love wi and wi lock dem head
Wi professional anytime shi drop in a bed
Love when dem gyal deh give mi popular head
Nothing shi no lock in a bed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Watch yah no, look yah no, mi know yo si mi
Every gyal weh deh a road haffi bi fi mi
Watch gyal a broad out
A mussi bingi
C–key tough like stone
Gyal glass house mi fling hi
Have gyal from Jamaica to pop a new billy
Gyal weh tall and short, fat and who skinny
Fi seh Marco no gyallis well that a news to mi
Cause every gyal a road use to mi

(Repeat Chorus)