Da’ville – I Love You Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I love you
Just for now what I wanna hear
Sad songs, I love you
Running away from the confusions
Now we’re here in this room
It’s not like this love is official
Where gen like strength gets on the street
And this lone is like a box with fallen leaves
So you were crying friendly like a kitten to me

On this creaking bed we sheared the silky feeling
Oh dear, shine through each other
And then the both of us will close our eyes again
So that any sad salt

Baby I love you
Baby I love you
I love you
There’s just no secret in this love
Love is love
I love you

(Verse 2)
We cant afford to get through
The point at this moment
Before we have to suffer dreaming
To become one and live together
You always ask me if I love you
And you said you cant live without this love

(Repeat Chorus)