Kabaka Pyramid – Waiting For You Lyrics

Just come close to me
I got something I wanna show you for real
I wanna let yo know what’s the deal
You duel in a mi eyries
Hey, I never seen a love like this
Have being waiting, I’ll be waiting for you
You meck mi haffi write this yea

(Verse 1)
Am just a soul on a journey
Need to find someone to help me know where my work is
Relationships full a ups and downs
But if you patient baby girl mi know seh it worth it
Shadow tear here’s my curtrive
And if you don’t see me cry no bother feel seh mi hurt less
Obstacles wi, wi hurdle it
And if you look yo door, I got the tools am a word smith

Yea, I being waiting for you girl
Meditating for you girl
To find my place in this earth
To lend a sublimate in this earth

A being waiting for you girl
Meditation for you girl
And I’ve being walking alone
Until I see you walk in my zone

(Verse 2)
Mi know seh mi no perfect
And mi a go seh some things weh meck yo perplex
Dem seh mi egotistic
But now dem got mi ego twisted
True dem only pree the surface
When mi look pon the book dem weh yo purchase
Mi si seh knowledge ann self kinda urgent
Yo heart clean it no need no detergent
Garden of Eden yo never get mislead by the serpent

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
And until that day
That you walk my way
I’ll be patiently holding firm yea
So may gone a stray
Wid me they wanna play
Put up a sign weh seh don’t disturb me
You are the one for me
To keep my company
To stand beside when the tables turning
This aint no fantasy
Is you I plan to see
Over land and sea

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)