Demarco Ft Jah Vinci – Badman Place Lyrics

Badman place, in a badman place
Yuh no fi look in a nuh badman face
Badman place, this a badman place

When mi tell dem lyrics
This a nuh no rhyming
Tower Hill, a nuh hill fi go climbing
Water House a nuh pool fi yo try swim
Max Field, a no ball field fi piling
Rock Ford, a no stone fi yo try fling
C View, unuh better lock up unuh eye king
Stand Pipe, gyal alone get wi piping
Canta Berry, a nuh berry fi no biting

(Verse 1)
Tell informer lock yo mouth when wi a roll out
Cause it no tek wi nothing fi shows a soul out
Man a represent every zink fence and board house
Member wi no spend money weh wi no know bout
Mi find out a talking dem in a
Dem waan stop mi from roll out the black Beemer
Dem badmind Demarco and Jah Vinci the singer
Meck the place get hot and dem cyaa stay in yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Seh dem a don
Pu–y yuh a Danavan
Dem over deh suh
Wi over yah suh, who a the badder man?
Hail up Damel and Dean dem over Samacon
Wi naw go run from no war like a mister marathon
Suh tell some likkle bwoya road seh dem fi chad along
Dem only chat dem badness in a bag a song
Mi nuh twitter, mi no instagram fi follow man
Dem cyaa drape nor calla man

(Repeat Chorus)

My place, badman place
Tell dem badness nuh wear pon face
A nuh chattings yo cyaa si badman trace
That a nuh badman ways

(Repeat Chorus)