Mavado – High Life Lyrics

Wi a live up the high life
Smoke from day till twilight
Smoke from night till sun light
That a my life
Marie Jane that a my wife

So high, trees light
Everything nice yea
Mi nuh know why, dem fight wi

Cause a time fi legalize it
Roll it up and light it
Ignite it
Legalize it

Jamaica will supply it
We have the highest

Mi smoke weed everyday
In America, in a JA
In a Canada, In a UK
In a Belgium, France and Spain
Jamaica have the top strength
Elevating yo brain
A the best from west than a run through mi vane
Now mi high like plane

Challis meck out a grass
Mi puff, puff, but no pass
Mi cut, cut, up the grass
As mi wake in a morning mi puff out the last
And mi nuh care weh the cost
From a high grade send it on fast
Mi tek a flight now mi lost
Out a space mi a blast

We love the weed and wi naw go a stray no day
Am inlove wi Marie J
It’s you I wanna say pretty trees
You make me come everyday
No waan Craven A
No way

(Repeat Chorus)