Beyonce Being Bashed For Photoshopping Her Photos

This would not be the first time Beyonce is being accused of photoshopping her photos before releasing them on her website.

The pop superstar is being placed under the microscope again for allegedly photoshopping an image of herself on a yacht.

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But this time folks on Twitter are going in because whoever did the photoshop did a lousy job at it because it made her legs look crooked. Basically everyone thinks she is doctoring the photos to make her thigh gap bigger.

Beyonce photoshop

So far there is no comments from Beyonce people about the accusations.

Beyonce and Jay Z recently wrapped up their On The Run tour in Paris with a bang. During their final show Jay Z hinted that Beyonce is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Perhaps we will see in a couple of months.


  1. nikiminaj i am a big fan this is aliyah vasquez and jahmayah hospedales put us on one of your shows we live in st.croix lovee youuuuuuu

  2. LetTheTruthBeTold

    At the end of the day it really does not matter because soon all will be revealed because plastic surgery goes but so far (i.e. Michael Jackson’s nose) and photoshop can be done but so many times (evidence of this photo) until it is recognized.

  3. Its not the first time either so why yall even askin questions anymore lol she mustve done it herself U_U All that time and money and she cant take ten mins outta her day to youtube some photoshop or corel tutorials…smh.. and yet (strangely) my life remains unchanged.

  4. Smh she wont accept shell never be white
    No tigh gap for u,haitian

    • You make it seem like being Haitian is a bad thing. Beyonce isn’t even Haitian or Caribbean for that matter, she’s American creole from the south.(America)

      • What part of South America? The only creole country is Guyana, every other country is Spanish

      • No not South America. I meant from the south as in the southern states in America as in Louisiana, etc

      • Her parents are haitian she was born in texas.

      • Tina Knowles was born in Louisiana, United States (Wiki) Her dad was born in Texas. Her grandparents were also born in America.I rest my case. That woman of yours had better be the most Afrocentric woman to walk the face of the earth.:)

      • No, idiot girl, shes the one who wont accept shes not white and is ashamed to be who she is. She admitted years ago ahe was lying about being mixed cuz she was ashamed of her haitian heritage-both of her parents r haotian she is forst generation american –

      • I’m an idiot? It’s a good thing I don’t have thin skin. lol Beyonce nor her parents ,grandparents are Haitian. Her people (Mother’s side)are Louisiana Creole,a mixture of French,Native American, Spanish and Africans who settled in the south.