Nesbeth Release New Video “Taste Victory”

Nesbeth’s hit song ‘Ole Gangelee’ has been dominating the Jamaican #1 spots and Nesbeth is already striving forward with a powerful new video to promote his next tune ‘Taste Victory’!

‘Taste Victory’ is his first recording for the UK based Entertainment Soul label, it’s a tune brimming with idealism for the future, whilst considering the truth of a harsh past. The video stylishly portrays this by depicting the reggae star as a boxer, who is staged in the ring to battle with his negative past self. Of course, the star is victorious and the sweet refrain is sung over & again, “ I can taste victory..”

As with many great songs, it’s literal interpretation could go many ways. Nesbeth himself chose to use this visual angle to give encouragement to those that live with self doubt, that personal achievement is often only held back by this negative internal struggle and that it must be overcome to fully flourish. It is surely workable for all and in case you’re regularly thinking that it’s a hard journey, simply recall the quote – “The hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory!”

Nesbeth’s ‘Ole Gangalee’ is based around the Rebel Rock Riddim. Nesbeth delivers a powerful flow in his distinctively cool style, resulting in maximum good vibrations.

The ball started rolling back in May when Irie FM got hooked and gave the tune some heavy rotation, other stations & soundsystems soon caught on and before you know it it’s #1 on the Reggae Vibes Jamaican Reggae chart where it stays for 4 weeks.

Entertainment Soul have also made Nesbeth’s Ole Gangalee available as a free download, Deejays wanting personalised jingles or dubs can contact the label.

The video was directed by Wayne Benjamin.who decided to focus on the controversial topics within the song, he chose to show this in a conventional way which allows you to focus on the message and see the artists passion for his music.