Nicki Minaj Says Performing With Beyonce Was An Honor

Nicki Minaj took the stage with Beyonce for the first time last weekend in Paris.

Beyonce and Jay Z were performing on their final show of their On The Run tour at the Stade de France in Paris.

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81,000 people roared as Nicki Minaj took the stage to perform “Flawless (Remix)” with Beyonce.

“Tonight was their last show which made it even more special,” Nicki Minaj wrote on Instagram. “Honored to have experienced this with two ppl who’ve influenced me more than they’ll ever know. Thank you BEY&JAY”

Nicki Minaj also spoke to Hot 97 Rosenberg, Ebro and Laura show about her experience performing on the same stage with Beyonce.

“I am very blessed and very thankful to B, I had such a great time with the family and even with J and I think the atmosphere was one of the most inspiring of my life,” Nicki Minaj said.

Nicki Minaj also said she met Blue Ivy in Paris while hanging with the famous couple.