Bunny Wailer Talks Marijuana Legalization In Jamaica

Rastafarians have been prosecuted for a century in Jamaica for their use of Marijuana, known locally as ganja.

But now prominent Rastafarians like legendary reggae singer Bunny Wailer are gearing up for the decriminalization of marijuana on the island.

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“Rastas have treated marijuana as something legal all along, even though we have been sent to prison for using the herb in our prayer. But this is the time for all these pressures to stop. The world is catching up now,” Bunny Wailer told Yahoo News.

“Rastas have gone through a lot of hassles for years, getting criminalized and locked up for using the herb. But things are changing because ganja is what the world needs now,” Wailer added.

Jamaica is known worldwide for its authentic marijuana as much as for reggae music and track & field.

But use of the plant has been illegal in Jamaica for about a century. But this could be a thing of the past as the call for decriminalization is gaining a lot of traction.


  1. Cannabis never should have been banned. This is a human rights issue.
    Over regulation favors Big Biz and Big Pharma especially.
    Let us grow our own. Check out ‘true living organics’.

  2. Are you guys for real??! They call it ganja in Canada, too. Not only that, but Canadians grow some of the World’s most potent strains of ganja. I can not personally vouch for its authenticity, but my American cousins travel to Western Canada twice a year just to sample BC Bud.
    You guys at UI should really get out more often.