Rihanna, Chris Brown Still Not Talking To Each Other

Chris Brown and Rihanna are not back together.

Rumors surfaced online on Monday claiming that on-again off-again couple Rihanna and Chris Brown have rekindled their romance. But that is all BS according to our ever so reliable source.

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A close source to the Bajan pop beauty exclusively told Urban Islandz that Rihanna is still a single girl and has no intentions of getting back together with her abusive ex.

“The rumors are 100% false, Rihanna have not spoken to Chris in months and has no intentions to,” the source told us.

“All these rumors are just fabricated to get more blog views, RiRi is totally focus on her career and her personal life right now, she is very much single,” the source added.

The source also insist that Rihanna and Drake are just good friends and not a couple.

The rumors started circulating following Chris Brown’s performance on Jimmy Kimmerl Live last week. The “New Flames” singer was rocking a chain believed to be given to him by Rihanna.

Chris Brown new album X hit stores today (September 16). The 17-track album has been getting some rave reviews and Chris Brown has already began his promotional tour.

Rihanna is also rumored to be working on her new album due later this year or early next year.

So far there are no details on that album but it’s well overdue RiRi.


  1. This is all lies RI said no such thing. This is all made up by you INSTIGATORS. RI does not speak about Chris she leave it up to you liars.

  2. the media misses the story. lots of money have been made off of these two