Rihanna’s Dad And Chris Brown Had A Heart-To-Heart

Despite Rihanna not wanting anything to do with Chris Brown right now, her dad does not feel the same.

Rihanna and her abusive ex-boyfriend came face to face last month at a celebrity charity basketball game in New York.

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But the “Diamonds” hitmaker basically ignored every attempted by Breezy to get her attention.

Coincidentally, Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, was at the game and noticed the tension and went and spoke with Chris Brown and even snapped a few selfies.

Sources close to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz that Ronald had a little heart-to-heart with Breezy and told him to be patient with his daughter because she is currently going through some emotions.

“He [Ronald] told him [Chris Brown] that she is not in the best shape emotionally right now and that he should to be patient with her and give her some time to come around,” the source told us.

“Ronald know Chris is trying hard and he also know they both love each other and want the best for them both, he is a very down to earth and understanding person, so he gave him that talk from an OG perspective,” the source added.


The source also told us that Rihanna wasn’t really happy about her dad speaking with Chris Brown.

Rihanna has been rumored to be back together with her old flame Drake, but our source insist that rumors are false and Rihanna and Drake are just friends.

RiRi just completed his Monster tour with Eminem and is in Europe for vacation.

The question is whether or not she will get back together with Chris Brown and where would Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran fits in?


  1. Whatever they do is their business. No one should try to tell these two people what they should do in their personal life. It is their choice not yours.

  2. Fact is he is trying to connect to her. He made art based on the monster tour and also liked her pictures. And don’t know if thats for the album or love.

    • I see that she is not talking to him his album out she working on hers if ri ri really wants chris she can have him. But she rather not play that game with him and his doormat girlfriend. Ri is single and having fun right now

  3. But nobody actually know the truth unless you had a conversation with those who are involved in the situation we don’t really know if Rihanna’s over him as well as knowing if Chris brown isn’t over her we don’t know if they actually talk behind closed doors we don’t know if they text/call each other still we don’t know we will never know unless we got they call logs or they text messages or if they admit but truth be told its really none of our damn business let these HUMANS WHO MAKE MISTAKES AS OTHERS live, it doesn’t matter if they still “talking” or not they’re humans they still have feelings & people try to be oblivious to them being in love with each other never happened but it did so whoever don’t or didn’t like just have to get over it because it really doesn’t even matter what we say or do they are ADULTS they are going to do what they want to do period ????

  4. Wow! Ron Fenty is a bigger POS than Chris Brown. Dads are supposed to protect their daughters from scum like Brown, not saddle up next to them in a selfie!

  5. Wtf , why would they openly tell the world this and where do you get your information from , y’all don’t have any damn sources they took a damn selfie and y’all make it a fake ass story to get some attention

    • Chris trying very hard to get rihanna attention but he hurt her and been move on its chris who miss the friendship and her love.

  6. Who the heck really knows, maybe deep down Rihanna and Chris still love each other. Chris needs to get rid of that Karrueche gal if he is serious about getting back with Rihanna. These blogs print so many stories, hard to know what to believe.

    • Karrueche is sticking to Chris like glue. It will take a lots of power to get rite of her. She love that life fame. If Chris and Rihanna got back together she would give them hell. That is how i see her.

  7. Question: Why when Rihanna goes to promote her new ventures, she doesn’t mention Chris Brown? When Rihanna announced her new Rogue for Men, no Chris Brown. HOME the move? No Chris Brown. HOME the soundtrack? No Chris Brown. R8? No Chris Brown. Her trademarking her surname Fenty for future mogul-like business ventures? No Chris Brown. Her M.A.C. makeup lines? No Chris Brown. Etc, etc, etc… So WHY does Chris Brown have to mention Rihanna’s name, go where he knows Rihanna’s gonna be, take pictures with Rihanna’s family, talk about that dead, dusted and busted relationship he once had long, long ago with Rihanna??? Damn! Can she live? Can he be successful without bringing HER up?!?! Serious question there. He should just stick with being the hypeman for Kantgetright’s Z-list “celebrity” ~career. Let’s all see how many major media outlet headlines THAT gets him for ‘X’ promo…

    • long ago ? sweetie it was a cpl months ago not to mention he is still on and off with karrueche and does make attempts to speak to rihanna daily like going to her concert two times in a row and going back stage with her , and not to mention going to her photo shoot with her . its clear there is more to the story but i think its obvious they are both still in love .

      • which photo shoot, the last (tribal) one?

      • they are both STILL in love I think RRF is just fed up with his childish ways…don’t mind rih not saying nothing in public hey just imagine their ph on 24/7 LMAO…he’ always of/on with kt why you guys think? @kay there is so much more to this story

    • Chris didn’t mention Rihanna’s name the interviewer asked him a question about he and Rihanna and he answered it.

      • Well the interviewer asked but he could of tell them take that question off don’t forget cb see’ all the questions before…THE FACT IS CB/AND RRF IS VERY MUCH STILL IN LOVE he’ out of control must get it right

    • Wasn’t it Rihanna on talk shows talking about how much she loves Chris. Wasn’t it Rihanna who asked him to do a duet with her. Wasnt it Rihanna running back and forth to see Chris in Rehab. So please. Chris only talks about Rihanna if he’s asked about her. Rihanna talks about about him if asked as well. I like Rihanna and Chris. I wish the best for both of them whether if their together or not. I still like them both.

      • the talk show and the duet were 2011/12, when she hoped he matured enough to cherish all they’d had and gave a chance to that big love of theirs to flourish, and not now, when she’s given up on him already.

      • And all of the sudden he likes her pictures…he made art based on the monster tour….

    • Chris is always asked about Rihanna. Rihanna is hardly asked about Chris

  8. Didn’t Rihanna said her dad beat her mom once too????

  9. All speculation, information always taken from a source, if Chris Brow, Rihanna or her father didn’t say it, I don’t believe it.

  10. Rihanna dad was at the Charity basketball game. Well he sure wasnt with Rihanna. Something fishy is going on here. Rihanna and Chris are not on speaking terms but Rihanna and her father were both at the Charity basketball game. Rihanna and Chris didnt speak but Chris spoke with her father wonder what that conversation was about. This is supicious because Rihanna was aleady going to make an appearance at the game but Chris was asked to attend. I guess we know now who called Chris to play at the game. Rihanna’s father. Its obvious Rihanna’s dad was at the gameon the down low because he didnt come their with Rihanna. Or maybe Chris brown reached out to Rihanna’s dad