Tommy Lee Sparta End Feud With UIM Records

Dancehall fans can expect more hits from Tommy Lee Sparta and UIM Records because both parties have ironed out their recent feud.

The feud stemmed from a voice note that surfaced online of the Montego Bay deejay venting to UIM Records producers about his unreleased music.

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Tommy Lee says he felt betrayed by UIM for recording a private conversation and releasing it online.

“We have come to a common ground and a mutual understanding, and we are moving forward because it’s beneficial to both parties,” Tommy Lee publicist said in a statement. “We were having a private conversation that should never have been recorded. Tommy Lee has several hit records with UIM, because they have a good working chemistry. UIM has Tommy Lee songs as far back as two years ago that haven’t been released and we were just concerned, and that is understandable given the competitiveness of dancehall music and the relevance we want to maintain.”

Tommy Lee Sparta recently won an award for his UIM Records-produced single “Psycho.”

The deejay is currently working on his upcoming album The Rise of the Fall, due early next year.