Patexx – Love Of My Life Lyrics

Woman a you bring the joy in my life
The loving you give meck mi feel so satisfied
Man a gangster but the feelings hard fi hide
Girl a you a the love a mi life

(Verse 1)
Supn bout you weh mi cyaa leave alone
Meck every single night you get me coming back home
With you by mi side is like mi strap wid mi chrome
Just whisper in a mi hears wid yo soft sexy tone
Mi alright at home mi no haffi go street go rome
Mi release mi tension get mi hair comb
Mi no haffi a hide when mi answer mi phone
Baby you a the queen to mi thrown

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Baby girl a no lie this a true
Yo stick to patexx just like crazy glue
Hey, you live fi me, mi live fi you
Mi love how you dweet meck mi dreams come through
Yow everything bout da loving yah connect
From you come in a mi life mi no have nothing fi regret
All when the rest a gyal them out a road a tek set
A you mi haffi show respect
Man a bad man, so yo love mi naw run from it
Mi no fall in love but mi stand up in it
Baby girl am for real so no try question it
When it out fi get rough just don’t press pon it
Only you can make me feel this way
Love me this way
No other girl out there can say
They make me feel this way

(Repeat Chorus 2X)