Deablo – Private Party Lyrics

Oh gyal when yo balance paw one hand
Mi haffi tek a picture wid the cannon
Gyal mi love the way yo gallang
Back it up fi mi gyal

Bruk out and wine yo body
Bubble up yo body wine up paw mi
Mi love fi si the way yo styli shorty
This a our private party

In a the night when the weather get stormy
You want a live blanket just call mi
Mi have a wife and a tender body
This a our private party

(Verse 1)
Candle light so yo know seh the mood set
The closer wi get the darker the room get
Mi amaze by yo beauty yo cuteness
Touch yo body slow meck yo lose breath
Gyal yo coco butter skin a the smoothest
Yo meck mi float like a ball when it tubeless
You got me going all night like a energetic
Mi bun it when yo wake up in the morning buss a new sweat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No the turbans no deh pon the door
Till 4 expensive champagne in a glass wi a pure
Skin smooth no have no rash pon yo body
No sore, no walk round wid no virus
No have no use fi the bed, meck use a the floor
Touch yo body sweat a run like resovour
Gyal the way yo move yo body
You got mi begging for more

(Repeat Chorus)