Wasp – Nuh Fi A Share Lyrics

From yo enter mi door a the loving you a go get
Come baby girl an meck wi burst a sweat
You never get a touch like this yet
Bet you you a go start take set
Take set
Wine fi me, wine fi me
Wine fi me but take your time fi me
Wine fi me, wine fi me, wine fi me

Da body deh no fi a share
No, no, no
Meck sure a me alone go there
Oh, oh, oh
Well put yo foot inna the air
Oh, oh, oh
And meck mi show you how mi care
Oh, oh, oh

(Verse 1)
Man a run off a you till dem tired
And some a promise you the world dem a lire
Gyal you no interested fi go none a dem dance
You no like dem flyers
Gyal mi love it when yo wine up yo body slow then yo touch the ground
Bring it up an spin it round like Mary go round
Am trying, am crying, am flying and I don’t wanna put you down

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me and you together it was destin to mi
You inna mi life a the best thing fi mi
Mi glad seh yo bring the best thing fi mi
No hotter gyal no interesting to mi
Bounty a pree yo but tell him go try
Pay day fi know a no supn fi him buy
Yo tell mi yo love mi when mi look inna yo eye
If yo give it weh mi a go cry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)