Lyricson – Sunday to Sunday Lyrics

This yah party yah one of a kind
Gangsters dem clean every gyal yah look fine
And wi nuh watch no time
Seh wi nah keep nuh stress paw wi mind

Party from Sunday to Sunday
Cause to we everyday is not an holiday
Dance wi a dance until the sunlight
Come join the party, free up yo body

High grade mi a blaze while feel happy
Anywhere mi look bare gyal a dash weh
Dance wi a dance until the sun rise
Come join the party, free up yo body

(Verse 1)
Mi seen this yah party suh nicely
Ghetto party a wi number one choice yea
Wi nuh wanna see no fuss nor fight
Yeah wi want God around meck wi celebrate life yea
Watch the gyal dem full a bare style
Bare cash a flow when the gyal dem a wine
Look pon Shelly and sweet Caroline
Haters a pree but wi nuh pay dem no mind
Anywhere the party deh wi haffi deh
And wi a party anywhere wi a go deh
High grade smoke floating up in a the air
And wi nuh care wa the hypocrites dem wanna say
While Friday nuh feeling high
Got ma girls dem and tugs by mi side
Seh wi a party till the morning light
Everything is right

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Come wine in a the video light
Gyal yo hear that from a tugs mi seh yo look suh tight
Just like a witch yeah yo got mi ipmatize
Gyal yo really turn mi on and mi nah tell no lie
My selector a play all a the latest track
Big tune mi seh fi pull up that
And wi nuh give a damn when the haters a chat
Seh wi just keep rocking and stop

(Repeat Chorus)