Deablo – Frassboxx Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Right now call mi frassboxx
Eye swell like seh mi get a hot box
Grabber black like mi hand back
The cush a fire inna fire a no one pop
So a days wid dem hot crap
Slow mi down like one drop

Right now mi so frass dog
Cyaa even do some grade one maths
Build a next mad one fi mi mad max
Lift mi off a the canvas
Mi naw tell yo mi no smoke Cravin A yeh
More while mi bun a one frass
But mi cyaa live by cigarette
Caw that poisonous like contracks
An a only the best from west
Can meck mi higher than land tax

Mi so high, high am floating by
So high, high am smoking high
So high, high up in the sky
High, high, high

(Verse 2)
Gimmi the herb
No waan no coke fi bun
No need no opium fi throw mi down
High grade cloud mi lungs
So mi frass without the rum
Inna the country mi go fi some
Caw mi want it by pound fi burn
Some man play sport
Me smoke fi fun
An mi love wid the high grade herb
Pull the chally meck mi eye run water
The grabber hot like lava
Deh cush yah bad like the whole a west kingston
From jungle to java
Plus unity, plus unity
No bush wi naw bun zaza
A just the high grade up inna mi brain
A that a meck mi smart an take me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)