Christopher Martin – Prayer Lyrics

Cause I was not hard to say poor
No, no, no, no, no, noo
And I dont want to live like this no more
No, no, no, no, no

So on my knees today
Lord I pray
Where there’s no will, there’s a way
Lord you can see
My mind is clean and my heart
This world ive seen you open many doors
You open one for me and my family

(Verse 1)
Lord I know I wont get off my knees
And everything I ask for will be granted
But while am working protect me from the enemys
They wanna see me stranded
Dem waan mi tan in a the gutter
Dem no waan mi mama eat a proper supper
Your my sword and shield
My blessings mi a go fah

(Repeat Chorus)

Cars and a house pon the hill
Wid a nice likkle pool fi go chill
And a nice likkle girl on the side
I want it all, my mama deserve the best
Suh yo know I couldn’t settled for less

One Comment

  1. Where there’s no will, there’s a way????

    Really, who writes your lyrics? does the above even make sense?? kindly correct