Busy Signal – Even Thought It’s Hard Lyrics

Jah Blessings flow
Blessings flow
Yea….No man is an island
No man stand alone
Am giving praises to the father weh sit up on the throne
The thrown

Even though times get hard I know
Jah is by my side
Jah Jah know, Jah Jah know yeh

And even thought it’s though sometimes I know
Jah will be my guide
Jah Jah know, Jah Jah know yeh

(Verse 1)
A the more them try fi fight mi, seh the stronger wi rise
An Jah Jah love a lift mi up is like dem no realize
Seh Jah Jah give mi the vision fi spot the wolf in the skys
Under wolf clothing deh so mi si dem a hide
Yes Jah Jah cast away the wicked
Mi no waan tarry inna Babylon village no way
To the father night an day mi a pray
I an I will never stray

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Times get serious, It get hard out deh
Look fi all a dem bwoy deh wa a draw card out deh
Don’t fi get fi call pon the lord out deh
Life style weh yo live it a wi card out deh
Mine yo end up inna the morgue out deh
Look out fi all dem dog out deh
Cyaa go a Zion wid no fraud up deh
Stolen identity that cyaa go up deh

(Repeat Chorus)

Ghetto youths trad along, trad along
No mix up inna banga wrong
Gwaan chad along, chad along
Youth no bother blend up yo self inna no confusion

Tell dem fi chad along, chad along
No get caught wid Babylon
Youths stay strong, strong, strong
No blend up wid dem corruption

(Repeat Chorus)