Alkaline – Affi Rate She Lyrics

But mi love her too much
Mi love her too much
No matter wa happen wi haffi reachieved
Shi deh, deh, fi mi when mi broke and hungry
No matter wa shi a stand up beside me
All when the two a wi mash up and cyaa gree
Mi swear to mi hear seh mi nah leave
No matter wa mi love yuh set speed
You alone mi si when problem reach me
So mi nuh put nuh gyal before she

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh love no other gyal
A yuh a the first
Yuh deh, deh, when mi no have it hi nuh
Mi done a spend money pon you
But right yah now mi a pree fi spend fi mi life wid yo
Honestly mi put all a mi faith in a yuh
NHT could a deal a just you mi trust
Things weh yo do fi me no other gyal no do
So all if yuh diss mi no matter wa happen

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi gyal to the end two a we a one
Anything yo deh pon a that mi deh pon
Nobody cyaa tell her nothing bout me
Shi a go defend it all when shi know seh a me wrong
Mi give yuh the world anything yo want
Dem waan mash wi up but da love yah strong
Mi baby mi nah dis yuh
So mi nah give yuh bun
Mi rather give yuh piece a bread nam

(Repeat Chorus 3X)