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Popcaan Shells Dream Live With Lucas DiPasquale [VIDEO]

Popcaan was in fine form at last week’s Dream Live show at the Dream Weekend party in Negril, Jamaica.

The bad chargie even brought out a big surprise for his fans who turned out in huge numbers.

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Popcaan brought out Lucas DiPasquale, who did the viral video of himself doing a Popcaan mashup.

The Canadian singer and Popcaan has become close friends since the video goes viral and he has been spending a lot of time in Jamaica with the dancehall deejay.

Other artists who performed at the event includes Assassin, Spice and Alkaline. But the show belong to Popcaan.

“As time past I just watch myself grow and I just watch myself on previous performances and learn from my mistakes,” Popcaan said.

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  1. haha dwl biggup mi chargie sizzla! seh him nah stop shell dem, yuh performances dem eva wicked sah, spice large up yuhself my girl, yuh ah di tuffest dancehall diva since lady saw, dem cyah test yuh. alkaline keep working at it my yute and hone yuh craft. bloodclaat poppy, biggup yuh dam self, continue wire di show dem and keep dah good medz deh weh u have, nuff money out deh fi yuh mek, gwan represent and tek it to di world, lucas ratings and respect bredren, yuh thing a shot chargie! sassin blessing my yute. ele, shizzle. winford respect mi bredda, ratingz. and biggup kartel anyweh him deh dwl