Tommy Lee Sparta – Outlaw Lyrics

Dem a tell mi fi rise everything like the dead a Dovecot
A Flanka mi grow pu–y better pree that
And anybody feel mi a f–kign idiot
One in a yo head meck yo marrow pree that
True mi a duel in a the tomb under the radar
Apocalypse know weh fi drop in this f–k
Sparta nuh fi get weh dem a come from
Cause wi, wi rise up a bag a eagle

(Verse 1)
Turn up mi bomboclaat voice
Nuh have nuh compassion like a Christ hi nuh
Dawg flee when mi fire black lice hi nuh
Thunder roll out red carpet hi nuh
Mi gun pop off nine o clock strike hi nuh
Call that a lost soul caw dem cyaa find him

Evil suh till satan nuh waan si mi
Well dark
Dem cyaa catch mi a dance caw mi nuh party
40 baller the neighbor mi clap 40
A wa do dem bwoy deh dem come a chat argument
A talk bout badness, left badness for the next
Big up mi dead friend dem Ants, Manants, Micle nuh
Haffi si the at the cross road hi nuh
Suh mi nah watch nuh face cause that shoot off hi nuh
From mi likkle and a grow dem seh mi disastrous

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Roll out wid mi gloves and mi mask on
Bullet touch yo heart like a soxsaw
When my gun aim and spray
Mi intoxicate lungs like Craving A
Tell dem don’t f–k wid a spartan
Bullet meck yo brain fly pass marshion
Big yard tug dem nuh talk long
Well bad
Mi a the spartan king call mi titan
Murder yo bloodclaat wid nuh license
Buss up dem face, no slicing
But dem in a box, no slice thing
Is like a pizza delivery
Show up a the door a mi enemy
F–k up like mi phone in
Mi gun have infinity energy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. Smh. “40 balla ah di name of mi glock 40” “bullet touch your heart like a sad song”