Danielle D.I. Hot Yea Lyrics

Anywhere yo si wi stand up
Yah suh a the hot gyal side
Watch mi back it up in a yo hot man ride
Ex to the 6 cause mi dash weh the five
EX to the 6 yo nuh si weh mi a drive
Girls 193 to the pound
US some gyal a run down cause dem a
Looking good yea
Looking keek yea
Am going to England

Mi bank book fat nuh bloodclaat
When yo look in a mi fridge it pack nuh bloodclaat yea
Some gyal badmind nuh bloodclaat
Cause wa mi clothe dem dear nuh bloodclaat

Hey da pu–y deh nuh good a bloodclaat
It nah hold yo man a bloodclaat
Him a f–k mi, and it sweet nuh bloodclaat
And a my fault meck him nuh want yo cloodclaat

(Verse 1)
Some a barrow, some a lend and dem a share it back
Any clothe yo si mi in a mi nuh ware it back
Hey, if a nuh Brazilian fi remi that
Si mi and mi man a kiss and a penny that
Mi being there done that
And a it meck yo man waan come back
A da wine yah gimmi the pretty Honda
And da wine yah gimmi the pretty Tundra
Yo si fly out, am use to that
But some bi— nuh have nuh clue to that
A pat up dem fat and nuh have nuh glue to that
Yo si 7 star hotel mi nuh new to that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some a dem gyal yah don’t got nuh vision
99 problem man couldn’t be one
After mi nuh idiot gyal
Fi man deh wid dem everything dem haffi give man
Pu–y price gone up, that a nuh, nuh, if an
And if him nah spen shift him up like a chiffan
Cause yo know a just the gold mi a dig on
No time fi love just a gwaan live big an
Hot gyal thing and hennessy a sip an
Big up every bad gyal yeh weh live a Chizam
Every hot gyal yeah yuh fi tek the ring an
Scotia bank yeah that a weh wi belong

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)