Masicka Ft. Garnett Silk – Keep Them Talking Lyrics

Let dem talk, keep dem talking
We’re gonna keep dem talking
Talking their talking
We got a lot more coming

Talking dem talking
We’re gonna keep dem talking
Talking their talking

(Verse 1)
Yo get trick if yuh think seh life is fun and no pain
Dem cannot stop mi now am like a run away train
Remember karma round the corner leave the gun and dont aim
Yuh run and complain fi shot mi down and blood stain
True yo clothe dem new brand
Dem a talk like Suzann
Dem a walk like news and a watch out yo life
Dem a fools and new man
When mi seh Portmore, Grandspen, Juiseland
Money wi a meck dem cyaa stop the two clan
Everyday mi go western union
If yo think mi a watch you but you wrong

Member life short suh mi meck the most of mine
Mi never badmind all when mi si mi foes a shine
Hold the faith and go for mine, the soldier working over time
Mi could a load the 9 and rob but that wasn’t kind
Juvenile mi a tell unuh as it is
Yuh a go dead if yo don`t live positive
Stop walk and chat like waste man
Get some grades and burn in a the colleges
If yo want better days fi yo families
And yo waan buy big house fi yo mommy live
Keep hunting for the money wi no chat, chat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo si those guys no wise
A vanity dem idolize
Sit down and watch yo life and none a dem nah try fi rise
But life is like a cycle suh no try fi hype
Yo did rich last year but hoops yo no so hype tonight
Yeah man wi fight the fight
Stay focus not the idle type
Mi keep mi bible right beside mi the almighty strike
Any dark mi si mi life the most high shine the light
And dem cannot kill yuh from Jah seh the time no right
Yow Don a wa take some hater
Man a work and a meck some paper
Come a tell me bout yuh a big man
Likkle bwoy yuh a big time waster
Mi nuh waan hear bout people business
Wi waann hear bout house and acre
Mi nuh fraid a foes and faker
No hand outs without hard labor

Through the fire, through the storm
Dem waan fi dis yo
True yo quiet and yo calm
Me a bwoy believe in a mi prayers and mi psalm
But from yo dis that will cause a riot in the lawn
And wi nuh talk

(Repeat Chorus)