Gage Shot Back Alkaline Statements “Whats A Gage”

Young dancehall act Gage has stepped forward to address a recent statement made by fellow dancehall deejay Alkaline.

During a recent interview with Onstage, Alkaline was asked about rival deejay Gage. “What’s a Gage,” Alkaline responded.

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According to Gage manager, Neil Daley, Alkaline bootleg one of his artist song called “Queng Dem” and also copy Vybz Kartel.

“Time will tell, he will know who Gage is,” Neil Daley told the Star. “He stole Gage’s song called Queng Dem and he stole Vybz Kartel’s songs and style. Alkaline is nothing but a copycat, he walks and bite Vybz Kartel, you are the youngest and the foolest.”

“Who are you? You not even reach Tommy Lee level yet and yu a try style him in interview. If you want a clash to prove your worth then step up, bring it on,” he added.

Daley also bashed Alkaline performance at Reggae Sumfest dancehall night.

Do you think Alkaline and Gage should take their beef to the microphone?

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