Gage – Dem Thief Di Queng Lyrics

Dem a nuh nuh body
Shot man a pop when dem a pop molly
Dem thief the queng
Like how dem thief the style from Addi

But beat corn, beat corn
Bwoy have gunshot like sweet corn

Beat corn, beat corn
Look in a the mouth every teeth gone

When mi beat the gun, beat the gun
Bwoy pop down like magnesium

When mi beat the gun blood grease the ground
Dead before all police fi come

(Verse 1)
Badder than dem deh a go a Dovecot
Badder than dem deh a get shot
Badder than dem mi si flip up and bloodclaat flop
When Badder Don shrub out the eagle weh black
Badder than dem deh a pree
Badder than dem deh a try but cyaa dis me
Mi nuh care who disagree
Badder than dem deh a frown and cyaa meck a speech

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me have the key fi the hell the heaven
When bwoy dead mi decide weh fi send yo
Member the walking gun did tell yo
Mi a walk wid the gun weh meck everything level
Hold on pon the chigger one time let go
Shot in a yo face when the gun dem a echo
Don’t dis a man from ghetto
No mentioned Buff bay dead ground deh suh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Shot run in a yo neck then pop in there
Rock the 6 pants like rocking chair
Gunman nuh mack and gear
Mi nuh care if yo grandmother sitting there
Mi haffi laugh, a that dem send?
Fi come war wid the gunman dem
Nuh me first seh queng
But dem tek it and share it fi dem and dem friend

(Repeat Chorus)